YouTube Page

I thought i would give myself a YouTube video page. And here it is…

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First completed Sanguinary Guard

This golden dude is my first completed Blood Angel Sanguinary guard and is a welcome relief from the sea of red iv been painting.

I would love to learn how to non-metalic paint – but for now (and the beginner that i am) im rather content with how they are turning out

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Space Marine Statue

I first completed this a while back as it was big and i thought it may be a good way to learn to paint and to see if i was any good before turning my attention to the smaller dudes. I was really happy with this and also used some Forge World weathering rust.

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First completed Blood Angel

Here is my first ever completed Blood Angel Space Marine

By no means a Golden Deamon winner but im rather happy with the little red chap

And view a video of this little dude here

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Here is my  new blog showing a lot of love for the Blood Angels

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