First completed Blood Angel

Here is my first ever completed Blood Angel Space Marine

By no means a Golden Deamon winner but im rather happy with the little red chap

And view a video of this little dude here


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2 Responses to First completed Blood Angel

  1. Joe says:

    I also like the deep red – it looks well. Maybe do a tutorial on how you painted it?

    I’ve also returned the blogroll favour 😀

    • Waynos says:

      Cheers Joe thats good of you

      A tutorial may be hard work – lol As it was my first one it took me ages… but i was going for a deep red rather than the normal light blood. So many layers and soooo slow.

      But as i get better and quicker i may have to do this. As much as anything its a great way for me to revist my figures i painted so i can do it again. Im trying to paint some Terminators and im finding it hard getting the same red effect so good call 🙂

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