Space Marine Statue

I first completed this a while back as it was big and i thought it may be a good way to learn to paint and to see if i was any good before turning my attention to the smaller dudes. I was really happy with this and also used some Forge World weathering rust.


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3 Responses to Space Marine Statue

  1. Dimiand says:

    I love this fella – so life like. Can you post a video so I can see it better. I love the rust effect. Well done. I may have to give the forge world kits a go

  2. I love it! Love the metallics and you have really got me into getting one of those Forgeworld’s weathering powders as well 😛

    • Waynos says:

      Do it. The powders are really worth it. Iv got the lot. But have only played with the 3 rust ones so far.

      If you do give this a go be sure to post a link to your creation 🙂

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