First completed Sanguinary Guard

This golden dude is my first completed Blood Angel Sanguinary guard and is a welcome relief from the sea of red iv been painting.

I would love to learn how to non-metalic paint – but for now (and the beginner that i am) im rather content with how they are turning out


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2 Responses to First completed Sanguinary Guard

  1. Really nice gold! I’m gonna paint these guys too so its always nice to see how others worked with these models.

  2. Waynos says:

    I was really happy with it but now im not so sure.

    Im taking off the wings and painted them full on white and im going to try and do them like iv seen with the bright light blue tint as well as painted the right hand shoulder pad red.

    This is my issue – its not bad (and if the photo wasnt so poor it would look even better) but im never happy and thats why it takes me so long.

    Food luck with yours

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