This is a blog / website dedicated towards the Space Angel chapter of the Blood Angels. My painted miniature creations and anything linked like model making, creating scenery and other miniature creations that may be explored along the way.

This is a new hobby of mine. In fact to be truthful its a childhood hobby of mine that I never really pursued when I was younger but have dabbled with randomly over the years. I have alway been fascinated by Games Workshop and the creations to be found when looking at the Golden Demon entrants, and have always wanted to be able to create some of these wonders.

I have now decided to once again explore the art of painting miniatures. I was never much good when I was younger and I don’t harbour any illusions of grandeur but I felt this site was a nice way to document my progress and to interact with other gamers and painters out there to hopfully find inspiration and help in the on-line comunity. And with luck the more I learn and develope maybe I too can help other gamers/painters out there. I was very much inspired to do this by some of the other guys I found on the web such as Jawaballs and the guys at Awesome Paint Job.com – sites like these were not available to me when I was younger and its this on-line community element that is really helping me explore new ideas and to learn how to paint and importantly find my own style in the process

I’m not a gamer (although I imagine that I may be persuaded into a game or 2 after I have built up my army) but my main interest is in painting. I work long hours and find that through times of work stress coming home and loosing myself to a fantasy world of painting miniatures coupled with the very interesting background and mythology created around the figures extremely fun not to mention the painting side of things very relaxing. I’m not the fastest painter and at the moment I am learning new techniques and I must say things are moving along very slowly – but its fun. And that’s the point. I’m a geek at heart and I must say im really enjoying the fact that I have finally made my interest in Games Workshop a hobby. And to start with iv chosen to go with the Blood Angels Space Marines who were always a favourite when I was a kid. The memory of playing Space Crusade comes flooding back. Ideas have also started to sprout sorounding my own chapter inspired by my love for surfing and the movie Apocalypse Now with its twist of war and surfing to the creation of my Blood Angel: Shadow Surfers.

If anyone comes across the page feel free to make comments or to contact me at bloodloveuk@rocketmail.com

Happy painting.


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