Shadow Surfers

Here is my own chapter of Blood Angels. The Shadow Surfers.

I plan to develpe the idea, as well a paint up an army and sculpt and convert my own leaders as well as develope my own iconography and history behind the chapter. All in the name of wasting time. But what better way to waste it.

Shadow Surfers

A derivative of the Blood Angel line of Space Marines, the Shadow Surfers are still tied to the core Blood Anglers belief structure and leadership of Chapter Master Commander Dante, and will come to aid him when called upon.

They have however become somewhat sundered from there brethren having split from the main host under the guidance of there Chapter Master and Guru Zephuros (also known as the surf God of the west wind) They live on a small rock caught in the orbit of the Moon Baal, home of the Blood Angles. Named Mavericks by Zephuros was to become the home of the Shadow Surfers. Also known as the Blood Drop for its diminutive mass and red mist that often rises from the green seas which clouds the surface during the stormy season. Mavericks is a haven for the Shadow Surfers and is the inspiration behind the chapter name.

Mavericks is a true escape for the SS due to there love of the waves under the starlight in the never ending night that engulfs the tiny rock. However the majority of the other Blood Angels distance themselves from there brothers finding the desire to live and partake in a long forgotten tribal sport of surfing wholly unnecessary. In fact many see the desolate dark wasteland and the red misted, multihued green radioactive shimmering seas that inhabit it a horror far worse than what is endured on the once lush now barren living hell of Baal. Only the SS truly see it for the Heaven it really is. They are happy to keep there secret and let only  the select few set foot in there realm with the knowledge that once they become one of them they will never wish to return to the sea-less lives they once endured. Sea and War is what flows in there veins.

The life of a Space Marine, especially those of the Blood Anglers is of pain, suffering and dedication – all in the name of War. Blood Angels also have the Flaw to deal with. The Black Rage and the Red Thirst will ultimately destroy them all, and the knowledge of this runs deep within them all.  The SS have found solace and a small respite from this torment through the unusual weather conditions of there chosen retreat from Baal. The desolate rock lives its life in permanent shadow… but this is how the SS help find piece in there hearts and minds… by donning protective gear and masks they take to the radioactive waters of the sea and surf the waves on jet boards in shadow under the stars. This is there passion and there only escape from there lives of War. They seek enlightenment and to be able to awaken from the nightmare memory of Sanguinius and to rid themselves of the burden they bare in there vary blood.

Although Mavericks is diminutive in size, it is big enough to have  become a military base and R&R retreat for the Shadow Surfers. There is a multitude of interesting life in the eery darkness and toxic water

In the case of the Shadow Surfers blood is still thicker than water and when the call comes they are ready for war, all be it with the boards in tow (searching for a little R&R on some distant planet after there work is done) and when the Flaw finds them, they are no different from there brothers as the same fate finds them. But with spirit and dedication to there cause they hope to stem the onset of the Flaw and one day find there nirvana and a cure for all Blood Angels.

The Shadow Surfers do not worship the Emperor as a God but revere him nonetheless. Instead they study the stars and train to be warrior monks honing spiritual and warrior skills in there quest to battle the Flaw.

When the time comes the Shadow Surfers believe that their Primarch Sanguinius will be reborn into one of them. Some believe this prophecy has already taken place and that he already walks and surfs amongst them in Zephuros second in command the warrior surfer Machado. Many doubt this line of thinking including Machado himself, not believing himself to be the one he will not take overall leadership of the SS or even descend to challenge Dante for leadership of the Blood Angels as is foretold. Machado is however an accomplished leader and warrior he also bears the mark on the Primarch. When he came of age after his gene treatment wings started to sprout and when this was witnessed by his brothers Machado was hailed as the one. Only time will tell if this is true.

Machados close followers are the Guru’s. A select band of warrior monks who are skilled in the way of board making.  Adorned in hooded cloaks these Marines live only for Surf and War. And in that order. They teach the law of the land to all that will take it. They are also known as the Penguins. Chef among the Penguins is Donavon Frankenreiter the chief board shaper.


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  1. Smithy says:

    Hey there – i love the idea of adding surfing to your painting. War and surf do go well together 🙂 – check out if you like surfing.

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